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Beverly Shear


Some time ago I came across the below site while researching which metalworking tools were "to die for". There is great info within and worthwhile to read through. You don't need everything listed for a useful shop, just the tools for the type of work you do. I took my blacksmithing instructor's advice to only buy tools when I could not make them. The Beverly Shear was one such tool. 

The Beverly allows you to free-form cut metal sheet into virtually any pattern or shape. The trick is that the shear is throatless. If you look you can see the blades are offset so that 1/2 of the work goes above work surface & the other half below. This lets you make tight turns & scrolls in metal sheet without having to reset anything. The Beverly lets you work in the abstract quite easily.

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Tags: fabrication, metalwork, steampunk

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