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Misbegotten Green


You cannot escape the drone of green, efficient, renewable, sustainable, and/or carbon neutral products. People do want to conserve, whether to save money or to build a better world. But like any trend, the green one comes with experts and the rush to embrace the new without understanding it. Life imitates art from the Seinfeldian Sheryl "un cuadrado" Crow up to Congress phasing out the incandescent light bulb by 2012. The compact fluorescent light (CFL) will indeed get a boost from that. But aren't you a bit wary of something that vapor locks a state agency dealing with a broken one? 

Maine DEP

CFLs produce light but do so with baggage. They are slow to provide usable output and what they output is unusual in spectrum. They fail if subjected to cold and fail sooner than the package proclaims. As mentioned, they may also induce catatonia if broken. Which brings me to the Wassily Chair. It is a design icon still cited for use of material and process that remain cutting edge. It has been in constant production for 80+ years and exhibited in many cognoscente venues. It is the chair that launched 1,000 ships. However, is it too much to ask that a chair be comfortable to sit upon? The Wassily is horrifying in that regard & yes I owned one. You don't sit on so much as fall into. Then it immobilizes you like a Victorian pelvic clamp. Just try and find that negative in print. 

That strikes me as how many green products today are promoted such as CFL's; the new Wassily Chair. Those who have apparently not used nor understood major aspects of green items recommend them nevertheless. Perhaps it is due to the insatiable content demand cycle that the web requiress? The downside is people taking this as gospel and being let down by its lack of value. Perhaps it delays them adopting or avoiding altogether a useful green product based on that experience? That would truly be a shame but people do respond that way. Just wait until they grok the ramifications of ethanol as a fuel and see where that goes...

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Tags: alternate fuel, cfl, conservation, ethanol, global warming, green

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